Logos / Design

2D and 3D design, primarily logos I've made and remade, over the years. On this page, you are welcome to download any image
you might like to use privately, but please do not use any of these designs publicly or redistribute them, unless you are the client I
did the work for. Those clients hold the exclusive copyright to their designs, as I do to my own.

  • One of my earliest online "logos,"
    c. 1997.

  • Another version.

  • Another version. Needs kerning...

  • Yet another...shocking!
    Made this one for buttons and links.

  • My original "bolt" design.

  • Another rendition of the original bolt, breaking through the wall.

  • The "razor" logo. This one lost the bolt, but had plenty of points to go around.

  • Razor 2.0.

  • The bolt reimagined. This one, dubbed the "arc," also introduced my font, VA Block. The neon's back, with a...twist.

  • Same arc, less lettering. Makes a nice desktop.

  • The arc, learning to sit still.

  • Ooh, toony.

  • VoltisArt in spaaaaaaace...dot com.

  • Is it a halo, or is it a battle axe? Yup.

  • More of a visual experiment than branding.

  • Another swipe version.

  • Another completely different one, and primarily design exploration.

  • Current arc logo. A little shinier than the 2008 version.

  • Connect the dots. Inspired by he who fights for the users, and goes with...

  • ...this. This and previous are promo art for an add-on pack I planned years ago for a friend's Poser/DAZ Studio product. I've not given up on it, but it's on the shelf, for now.

  • TOON with a bit more of my colors bleeding through.

  • Why stop at one franchise, when you can rip off two? Actually, this is a crazy idea for an original SW story with a similar theme to the original TRON movie. I'm sure it'll never make me a dime, but I intend to write it...someday.

  • Advert for an online Dungeons & Dragons game I ran in the late 90's.

  • More D&D, but this was for a cooperative game no DM, no dice, just lots of dramatic text.

  • This was for a fictional band. Yes, it's related to the last one.

  • Beware! Hide your women and shiny things! This design just for fun.

  • Sign Centre, Monterey Park, CA.
    I remade the Sign Centre logo shortly before the company had to close its doors.
    No relation to Sign Center in Kalamzoo...but an interesting coincidence.

  • Dynamics Ed. Ist., Arcadia, CA.
    Business card design.

  • Austin Construction,
    Monterey Park, CA.
    Logo and business card design.

  • Chiral Logic, New York, NY.
    Logo design for pharmaceutical consultancy. My first successful project on DesignCrowd.